how CustomEver works


Printing your awesome designs on different stuff is one less thing you have to do. CustomEver will print and ship every order on-demand.
You don't have to think about inventory, equipment, or shipping – focus on the things that matter most to you.


Step 1

You have a store - set up on the e-commerce platform and have all your products listed.

Step 2

You have CustomEver account - you sync your orders to CustomEver and we will fulfill them.

Step 3

Here comes the customer, He finds the product he likes and buy it from your store.

Let's say the retail price you sell the hoodie is $50 including postage.
Henry pays you the $50 using your payment platform. Here you're responsible for any transaction fees and we recommend using an established service like paypal braintree or stripe.
Some e-commerce platforms such as shopify, woocommerce, Etsy have payment platforms built-in as well.

Step 4

When the customer's payment is confirmed, the order should import to your CustomEver account, and then you place the order with us.

Step 5

CustomEver charges you for fulfillment and then produces the product.

Let's say our fulfillment cost with the product including postage is $25.
So from the $50 customer bought the product for, you pay $25 to IP, you got $25 profit

Step 6

CustomEver will fulfill your orders with your own brand.

Step 7

Finally, products get shipped to the customer.



We Promise 100% Satisfaction!

No Fulfillments Fee, No Shipping Fee, No Store Cost! You only need to create and upload products to your website 
or trading platform like Amazon/Etsy/Ebay etc,we' ll fulfill for you!